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ASAN Driving School The Ultimate Driving School

Pricing Table

Packages and Prices (2015 and 2016)

Asan driving school is cheaper than all others. Most driving schools charge you $65 per 45 minutes while we charge you $55 per hour not per lesson. It means that they charge you $87 per hour. We charge you 37% less than our competitors. They cannot guarantee quality of their training like we do.

Package Price Save
One hour Lesson (keys2Drive) Free $ 55
One Lesson $ 55* $ 00
One and half Lesson $ 90 $ 2.5
Two Lessons $ 105 $ 5
Five Lessons $ 250 $ 25
Ten Lessons $ 485 $ 65
Fifteen Lessons $ 700 $ 75
Twenty Lessons $ 940 $ 160
One hour lesson and Test $ 160 $ 10
Hire car for test $ 120 $ 10
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* For university and TAFE students and seniors $50

Driving time includes pick up and drop off, adjusting seat and mirrors, filling out log books and writing reports that may takes up to 10 minutes of your driving time. For 45 minutes driving lesson you practically drive for about 30 minutes. Most of driving school considers 45 minutes a lesson as they want to fit more lessons into a day. But at Asan driving school you drive longer and pay less!

Asan driving school has car hire service for your practical test. We charge you based on time. For practical test, we charge you $120 and for practical test and one lesson before test, our charge is $160.

Cancellation policy

Please note that ASAN Driving School has a cancellation policy. In case that you need to cancel, please let us know 24 hour in advance as we expect you to respect our time and so we can reschedule the time to another student. Failure to provide enough notice will incur a cancellation fee that is equal to price of one hour lesson. This is a standard practice with most driving schools. Note that Cancellations can be made by phone, SMS or email.