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ASAN Driving School The Ultimate Driving School

Teaching Methods

We have our own teaching method giving you the confidence to be a safe and confident driver with minimum time and minimum cost. We achieve this by delivering a structured lesson and it ensures that you cover all necessary topics without wasteful repetition. We start from easy driving task such as correct turning right or left and gradually do more difficult task as you progress such as parallel reverse parking or backward parking.

Learn to drive with Asan driving school. Here in Asan driving school, we understand that learning to drive can be challenging but our target is to make it an easy and pleasant experience for you.

Our target is to make all your driving lessons easy and fun while providing you with the necessary skills needed on the roads. We offer a combination of experience, dedication and driving practice to ensure that all our students become safe and competent drivers.

Asan Driving school employs the best driving instructors in all suburbs of Perth. They are experienced, competent, patient and responsible. They love to teach you and help you pass your practical test in your first attempt.

Our teaching method in different steps summarised as below:

Step One: Preliminary Assessment

In the first lesson we will assess your level of knowledge and ability to drive. If you have previous experience, then we choose course of lessons equal to your existing level. It helps you for lesser lesson, lessor time and sooner test bookings.

Step Two: Explain

At each lesson we explain what we will do for that lesson. Also we ask you to briefly explain for us about your last lesson just to repeat and apply rules in current lesson. We explain every task in a simplest way to understand.

Step Three: Demonstration

After delivering an explanation, we demonstrate the task and show the safest and better way to do the task. After demonstration we ask you to do task couple of time and making sure you know how to do it yourself.

Step Four: Feedback

We believe feedback is essential for each student as they need to know their progress. In some case, they may need to more practice and in some case they like to know that they are doing perfect.