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Structured Lessons

We love to teach you systematically. Step we consider are:

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We assess your previous driving experience (if any) and teach you from a stage that suits your ability. We will teach you in a structured way, following our lesson plans, until we are happy that you will be able to pass your practical driving assessment. We give you feed back about your progress after each lesson.

Logbook Lessons

We can help you in gaining supervised hours for your log book and helping you with aspects of your driving where you feel you would like more practice. If you would like we can teach you something from the advanced driving course.

Refresher Course

If you feel nervous because you haven’t driven for a while or are new to Perth – we can help you by starting you off in quiet areas and gradually increasing the difficulty until you feel comfortable and confident to drive on your own.

Overseas Licences

For overseas licence holders, taking a driving lesson course would be extremely beneficial as this will reduce the risk when driving on Australian roads and helping you not being involved in a car accident. These driving lessons would be important because you will gain useful information about WA Road rules and awareness of your surroundings when driving. Don’t Risk

Senior Retraining Lesson

A lot of elderly drivers worry when they need to take the aged re-tests. The aged re-test is not the same as the standard driving assessment. The Examiner wants to make sure that the driver is safe. We can offer lessons which will help the driver and take some of the stress out of the assessment and enable them to pass first time.

Asan Driving school offers you either manual or automatic transmission, depending on your preferance. Our cars are dual controlled, fully insured, safe and new models. For booking just call us and our friendly staff will do your booking based on your availability. Remember we have special discount for students and unemployed.

Our students come from many different backgrounds and ages. We tailor each and every lesson to your individual needs and we will go at a pace where you feel confident and comfortable with your skills. We are very experienced with all ages. If you are a student in high school, TAFE or university show us your student card and enjoy your lesson at a discounted rate.

Number of lesson you need to pass the test?

It is necessary for you to drive as much as you can to pass the test confidently. Driving is not a science but it is experiences. The number of lesson need to pass the test varies from student to student, but please be assured that we have the patience and commitment to get you driving competently in the shortest time possible.

While a girl from Baldivis pass her test with 8 lessons which is outside the norm, another girl from Cannington could not pass test after 20 lessons. A boy whom I believed he could pass the first time he could not pass the test and failed. The reason was he did not listen to the assessor. Passing test depends on how you apply role in the test and other personal capabilities.

A realistic target is between 12-15 lessons.

Bear in mind that some learners with considerable road time can also have picked up some bad habits. Sometimes it takes 2-3 lessons to unlearn and fix the problems.

We encourage students to practice as much as possible with friends and family but it works against you when you are practicing the wrong things. The best way to save money is to come to us BEFORE you learn with other supervisors.