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Keys 2 Drive

Keys 2 Drive is a federally funded initiative the Australian Automobile Association, and their aim is to provide a free driving lesson to every learner driver in Australia. The Keys2Drive session involves the learner and the supervising driver of the car in the car with the trainer.

Asan driving school offers you two free lessons. One free lesson with keys2drive and one free lesson from our experienced instructors as gift when you have 10 lessons with us. To use the free lesson with keys2drive, you need to register with and get your 8 digit ID number.

To book a Keys2Drive lesson with Asan Driving School you have to:

  • Follow the steps below and get your Keys 2 Drive code
  • Call us and make a booking
  • Make sure that a parent or supervisors is available on the day of the lesson, without them the lesson cannot take place

Notice for parents:

As your child reaches licensing age, it is vitally important that you are in close contact with their driver trainer. Keys 2 Drive is a great way to being this relationship

To register with Keys 2 Drive